Work From Home, But Make It Cute.

We know staying at home is getting a little old. We all miss human interaction, coffee shop dates and girls nights out. But, we believe that a cute #ootd boosts your mood, your creativity and helps you get things done. The Aria Rose Team has rounded up our favorite #wfh looks that will quickly upgrade your look from your boyfriend’s oversized tee to comfy chic. 

Lauren Patao: Owner

I really think that whenever I work from home in a cute outfit, I cross so many things off of my to-do list. My go-to #wfh look would be a cute and comfortable top, like this one, paired with a staple pair of black joggers, like these. That way, if I have Zoom meetings, I can look put-together but still feel as if I can sit down without getting that jeans crease on my stomach. Ha, you get me?

Tip: put on a little bit of tinted moisturizer (this one is my favorite) and some mascara to really get things done.

Gaby: Social Media & Sales Assistant

I am loving the newest loungewear sets. When I work from home, I want to look cute enough to feel presentable (you know, to my mom) but be comfortable enough that I can roam around comfortably and sit in bed and work. My current favorite #wfh look is our newest Homebody Blue Loungewear Set. It’s one of my favorite colors, so soft and I love that I can mix and match each piece. 

Tip: go outside for a few minutes a day to get some fresh air and sunshine. 

Mechi: Overseer of Everything

I don’t really work from home since Lauren has me working a lot at the store (keeping busy!) but I love to be comfortable when I’m working a lot. My favorite dress ever is the Grand Gestures Dress. I have it in every color! My current favorite color is the tangerine. It’s also a great dress to dress up with a pearl necklace and some nice sandals for the grocery store (we have to make the most of our outings these days). 

Tip: wake up earlier than you usually do and drink your coffee alone (without the interruption of your husband or kids). This always helps me start my day. 

Katy: Honorary Team Member (& Lauren's Sister)

I love to wear tees and jeans when working from home. Call me crazy, but I love to put on jeans during quarantine and know that they still fit me. I love all graphic tees but my current favorite is the Social Distancing Tee in either color! I also love the Mama Tee that’s coming back. I pair all of my tees with Aria Rose jeans. They’re my favorite. My current go-to pair is the Andi Skinny Jean

Tip: work out everyday. This helps my sanity even when my energy is low. Whether you do it at the beginning or the end of the day, it will help you feel more clear-minded and be a better person. 


The Aria Rose Team

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