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Hi, Aria Rose Girls!

Since we're all confined to the walls of our houses, we thought we would round up our favorite Netflix movies and shows for you to binge watch. We created a master list graphic of some of our top favorites but, hey, the more the merrier right? So see our list below for your viewing pleasure. 
Scandal: this is a good one to catch up on. It features a lot of twists and turns and is truly a scandal (ha, get it?). Plus, Olivia Pope is a major boss babe.
Hart of Dixie: if you're looking to just get your mind off of things and relax, this is a fun and heart-full show. 
New Girl: this is one of my (Lauren) favorites. I could rewatch it again and again... and, maybe I will now that I have time. 
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce: I was so sad when they ended this series. It's funny, witty, smart, sexy, all of the above. It's a must-watch in my book. 
Orange is The New Black: this one is fun and interesting. Be prepared for some more graphic content, though. 
Criminal Minds BAU: heck yes. I've watched this entire series. Warning: you'll get hooked and there are a lot of seasons. 
Riverdale: ah, Riverdale. The best. You'll love this suspense-filled show with really good-looking actors. 
13 Reasons Why: if you haven't seen this one, hop on it! This is a great show and shows a chilling side of reality.
Dirty John: this one will make you mad, angry, infuriated... are there any more synonyms? It's insane and it's based on a true story! 
Reign: I watched this show last year and absolutely loved it. It's addicting and has a lot of episodes (yay... we know we need all the shows we can get). 
    The Kissing Booth: this is such a cute and fun movie! I was sad when it ended. 
    After: another movie that I was so sad when it ended. I really loved it and you could feel the chemistry through the screen! 
    To All The Boys I've Loved Before: if you haven't seen this movie, it's a must! It's so fun and innocent. Plus, it now has a sequel that you can watch right after. 
    Murder Mystery: this is such a funny one! Eric and I watched this and loved it. It features Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. 
    Set It Up: I love this one! Two employees try to set up their bosses so that they could have more free time. It's such a cute and fun watch! 
    Dear John: I mean, does this one even need an explanation? Prepare your tissues.
    Sleeping With Other People: LOVE this one!!!! Just watch it. Trust me. 
      We hope you enjoyed this roundup! What movies and shows are you looking forward to watching during this quarantine? 
      Also, here's an accurate representation of us watching these movies and shows on our couches and in our beds...
      Xo (and stay safe), 
      The Aria Rose Team.

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