How We Cope With Stress

Stress. We all deal with it in one way or another. There is so much going on in the world today that is causing much of our unwanted stress. Whether it be COVID-19, the election, virtual school, working from home or the quickly approaching holiday season, we're all dealing with it.


Lauren: Owner
I cope with stress by going to pilates. I also find myself listening to music whenever I need an escape. Some favorite artists to listen to are John Mayer and One Republic. I'm also guilty of taking one too many baths when I'm stressed (our Vancouver Candles are my favorite to burn). 
Tatiana: Online Fulfillment Manager 
I really like to take a second to regroup when I start to feel stressed. I usually do this by meditation. I take a few deep breath and I'm ready to conquer my stress. I also enjoy working out to release those endorphins. It's a major mood booster!
Kaylee: Communications and Influencer Manager
Whenever I start to feel stress creeping in, I immediately pause and try to figure out what it is that might be causing my stress. I also may or may not cry just a little bit during that time. Then, if I'm being totally honest, I shop. It's not the best coping mechanism but hey it works for me! 
Jennifer: Digital Content Creator 
I'm going to be honest here... I cry. We all need a good cry session every once in a while. So, I let it out. After that, I like to workout. A cry and sweat sesh is the perfect way to relieve yourself of stress (IMO).  
Alexia: Sales Associate
After a long stressful day, I like to put on my favorite loungewear and pour a nice glass of prosecco (Lauren got me hooked on Ruffino). I usually put on one of my favorite tv shows like Schitts Creek or Friends.
Elly: Sales Associate
During stressful times, I find myself relying on working out and music as a crutch. Both of these things have been a huge part of my life since a very young age which is why I depend on them greatly when I’m going through a rough patch. 


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