Activewear: Get Fit & Look Cute While Doing It

At Aria Rose, we’re all about staying active. We know that it might be a little difficult given we’re so cozy in our loungewear working from home. But, we find that carving out even just 30 minutes a day to get your mind straight with some activity is really helpful. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite workout programs that you can easily do from home and break a sweat in your cute Aria Rose Activewear.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up was founded by 2 best friends and has been around for a while now. What we love about TIU is that it’s linked to a community of supportive and motivated gals. When you join their app, you get access to tons of fun and easy recipes, great workouts and a group of women that turn into friends. 

The Sculpt Society

If you love some dance cardio, The Sculpt Society is an amazing workout. It’s so much fun that you will even have moments where you don’t feel like you’re working out. Megan is so supportive, fun and really goes through each motion. The best part is that if dancing isn’t your thing, you can try her other classes including quick ab workouts. 

Lauren Gores

While she doesn’t have an app, Lauren Gores is a lifestyle blogger that provides daily workouts. She incorporates every body part and really works your bum. 


Orangetheory is doing online daily workouts that you can easily follow. Our favorite part is to watch the demos and then blast our favorite workout music while completing the rounds. 


If you have a Peloton or stationary bike, you can incorporate these workouts and also do some cardio daily. Or, head outside and go for a walk with some hand weights and a sweet playlist! 

What are your favorite at-home workouts? We’d love to know! 

Make sure to sport your favorite AR Activewear while working out and tag us so we can repost! 


The Aria Rose Team

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